About Us

We are two motocross enthusiastic brothers. After tearing up tracks in The Netherlands and Belgium for many years, in 2001 we decided to travel some 1600 kilometers and enjoy some Spanish motocross tracks. At the time Motocross track directories were not easy to come by and were mainly text based. This didn't make it easy to find tracks. The next couple of years we traveled down south more often, hitting tracks in Spain, The South of France and Italy. We enjoyed planning trips and riding on different tracks so much, we decided to set up a track database to help other riders find tracks that are worth traveling for and to have a great time riding abroad.

Next to riding, we also travel to a lot of events. We have been to GP's and MXoN events from Namur to Franchiacorta to Donnington Park and many more. Over the years we have spoken with a lot of people from different nations and sadly one thing that is consistent all across Europe, more and more tracks are in danger of closing, due to environmental and noise issues. And judging from news-stories these problems occur all over the world. With our website we will also be trying to help spread the news and hopefully help motocross tracks to stay open.

As the website is growing ever larger, we hope that you will help us to keep the motocross track data up to date. Registered users can upload Photos, add YouTube and Vimeo videos as well as update contact and opening info. Of course users can also write reviews and rate tracks.

Enjoy your visit on MXBrothers.com and hope to see you on the track soon!


William #116 and Jarno #33