AMC Penzberg has to look for a new track.

Motocross track penzberg

The motocross riders of the AMC Penzberg have to look for a new plot of land to build a track. Their current track at Habach is located on a site on which a commercial area should arise.
The club will be celebrating it's 90th anniversary next year and are hoping to do so with a track. Coming year would be the 30th anniversary of the track.
Currently the AMC Penzberg only has a permit for the operation of the track until December 31st. An application in June to extend the permit for a further twelve months was rejected by the councilors, with a view to possibly constructing an industrial park. When the construction will start, "we can not say exactly," said Mayor Michael Strobl.
The AMC members now hope two things: firstly, that they nevertheless can still celebrate their anniversary at the old place, and secondly, that they will find a new site.


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