Bjerringbro C.K. to build a new MX Track

Bjerringbro Cross Klub's new motocross track

Viborg Municipality's Finance Committee Wednesday agreed to sign the rental agreement with Bjerringbro Motocross Club of a piece of land in Fårup (Denmark) to build a Motocross Track on. There has been a 12 year long legal battle, that has been decided in favor of the Motocross Club.

Even now neighbors haven't given up the fight, they united in "Peace in Fårup" and are planning to win the battle in the long run. They have announced to keep fighting against the track and that they will monitor construction, that starts in a few weeks, to see if all goes according to the rules. The Cross Club has to build 8 meter high noise-walls that were demanded by the protesting neighbors. Furthermore they will be checking noise levels and that the Motocross Club meets all rental agreements.

We will be looking forward to adding Bjerringbro Motocross Club to our database once construction has started.


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