Expansion MX-terrain AMBC Staphorst in sight

AMBC Staphorst

Motorsports association "AMBC Staphorst" is close to the desired expansion of motocross terrain 't Wiede Gat after years of preperations. The plans have received wide support in the city council of Staphorst. The "AMBC Staphorst" wants to expand the motocross track, create a youth track, expand the parking lot and create storage room. The existing five meter high sand sound wall will be replaced by a concrete wall of five to seven meters in height. Possibly the wall will be covered with natural vegetation. For the expansion the neighboring waste disposal facility will move to create the needed space.

No political party in the city council opposed the advise of the board of mayor and aldermen to distribute a statement of no reservations for the expansion plans. The city council did take a head start on the discussion over the social importance of the association. Depending the outcome of this discussion, the city council will decide how much money the city of Staphorst will invest in the € 650.000 expansion. Before the next city council meeting on June 11th there should be a substantiated proposal for the height of the subsidy.


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