Hoope Park under attack by community

Hoope Park in Germany is under attack by the community. The operator of the track wants to open 5 days of the week, the community wants to restrict the current opening hours even more. With a lawyer they are exploring the possibility to close the motocross track on Sundays and national holidays.

Last year the motocross track celebrated it's 30th anniversary. Sadly the relations between the track and the community have never been worse, now that a 5 day opening is close. The community is tacking the track head on, not only do they want to prevent the extend opening, they also want to restrict current opening hours.

"The community of Wulsbüttel is a leisure area. There are a number of holiday houses and the noise from the Hoope Park affects the quality of vacations" stated SPD parliamentary group chairman Uwe Harms. "We are not against the park's operation, but the three days allowed must not fall on Sundays and national holidays" he adds. Also Wulsbüttels Mayor Hannes Mahlstedt (SPD) said: "We are a holiday and weekend recreation area."

The track has applied for a 5 day opening and has submitted noise reports stating that this would be within legal limits. Now a noise expert has been contracted by the community to find faults in the report and to make a case that the track may not be opened on Sundays and National Holidays.


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