Lack of Belgian tracks causing controversy at French track

"This first beautiful spring Sunday turned into a nightmare for us. My little boy could no longer sleep. From 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., the noise did not stop. It is not normal that in the twenty-first century, such a racket is allowed ." This mother of three lives in a farmhouse in Saint-Hilaire. On that Sunday, the wind carried the sound to this place. The complainer said she was not the only one affected by the pollution. A neighbor supports. For nine years she lived there, she complained to the Motocross Track and went to see the mayor of Avesnes. No results. This field is contributing the adequacy of facilities in the city of Avesnes, even if it is located on the outside of Avesnes.

The complainer went to the track to check where all the riders were coming from and found that all cars had Belgian number plates. Due to a lack of riding facilities in Belgium (only 7 remaining), a lot of Belgians cross the borders into France and The Netherlands to ride. This causes some extra load on those tracks, but mainly give complainers the argument of the track not being used for a regional function.

In this case the track had organized a race for Belgians, as they don't have many tracks to race on. The club says they realize the nuisance, but that it is limited due to the small number of openings of the track. In 2013 the track will only be opened 15 Sundays of which 4 are for competition racing (2 French, 2 Belgian).


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