MX Track in danger by Car Racing

Motocross track Tourneix in danger of closing

Most of the time Motocross Tracks are in danger of closure, due to environmental and noise issues. Now a track near Châteauroux is in danger by another Motorsport. The club is even hoping that environmental issues will stop the plans to convert the terrain to a road racing circuit.

The off-road Motorsports terrain near Châteauroux now has a couple of tracks for BMX, Motocross, Pitbikes, 60/80 Motocross, Enduro and Rally Racing. The use of this terrain for these sports was agreed upon, with the note that it should be kept as natural as possible and only be opened 2 Sundays per month. A promoter from Paris has submitted plans to convert the terrain into a Magny-Cours styled circuit. Today the club is protesting with neighbors in the hope to stop the plans.


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