MX Youth looking to establish track in Brekken (NO)

Motocross enthusiastic youth in Brekken, Norway, are looking to establish a Motocross Track. The location where the track is planned, is currently zoned for agricultural use. Neighbors and other stakeholders have until May 1st to send in their comments.
Currently the location is being used without the proper permissions. Currently it looks like only a handful of riders will be riding at the same time. But a critical neighbor noted that once things are made legal, more riders will show up. And when the track gets better maintenance and more professional, rider numbers will go up more.
Now the city council has stated that they cannot give approval unless archaeological conditions are clarified. Their plan is to do so as soon as possible, but field work must be performed on the bare ground, with no frost in the ground and with adequate lighting. So the deadline for comments from neighbors and other stakeholders is set onMay 1st.


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